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Massage Services

Massage Services

Swedish Massage- Using a light to medium pressure, the superficial layers of muscle are reached, improving blood flow and circulation. I recommend a Swedish Massage if you've never had a professional massage.

30 Minutes - $35

60 Minutes - $60

90 Minutes - $85

2 Hours - $110

Deep Tissue - This Massage penetrates the deeper layers of the muscle tissue and tendons. Movements are slower and more intense to help ease knots and chronic muscle pain.

30 minutes-- $45

60 minutes --$70

90 minutes-- $105

2 hour-- $130


Hot Stone Massage- Water heated basalt stones are strategically placed on the body. The stones are incorporated into the massage, resulting in the ultimate relaxation experience!

60 Minutes--$80 


Prenatal Massage- A must have for the Mom –to –be! Prenatal massage helps ease swelling, joint and muscle pain, and improves circulation. The massage is done using special pregnancy pillows or side-lying. Note- Prenatal massage can only be given after your 13th week.

30 minutes--$45

60 minutes--$70

90 minutes--$105

Chair Massage-For those aching muscles such as stiff neck, shoulders, arms and lower back pain.

$1 per Minute

On Site Chair Massage- The benefits of massage at your work place, party or event.

*Package Price Available*

GX-99- Reduces cellulite and increases blood circulation. GX-99 is based on lymph drainage and unclogging the lymph nodes. With adequate water consumption, sensible diet, regular exercise the GX-99 is the key to a new healthier you.

30 minutes-- $45

60 minutes-- $70

Lypossage- Using a combination of massage modalities, this massage reduces the appearance of cellulite and detoxifies your body. Optimum results are seen in eighteen 30 minute sessions.

New Pricing

30 minutes--$40 per session

Products not included in pricing.


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